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Heidi Green

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Updates from Heidi Green's studio

  • Lago Barasona

    Lago Barasona

    Revisiting and painting the same place often has resulted in a strong emotional connection with the place.

    18 November 2019

    At Lago Barasona, Spain

    At Lago Barasona, Spain

    This spring and summer I was able to paint outside regularly at Lago Barasona ( a lake in the pre Pyrenees, Aragon, Spain). It became my outdoor studio. Most of my recent work has been plein air painting, where I complete the canvas in one sitting. I love the fresh energy of being in nature while painting. You never know how the scene will change, with passing clouds and rain, so a rapid response is needed. This leads to more energetic spontaneous mark making. The lake sometimes appears turquoise, and I bought some Schmincke turquoise oil paint especially for this , which mixes well with Schmincke magenta for the distant mountain.

    18 November 2019