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Devana by Dunja Jung
Dunja Jung
Digital Art (Giclée)

40 x 50cm

Dream On by Penny Burton
Penny Burton
Acrylic painting

40 x 50cm

Natalie by Denny Stoekenbroek
Denny Stoekenbroek
Charcoal drawing

30 x 42cm

Stellar Style by Gina Ulgen
Gina Ulgen

30 x 42cm

The runaway lady by Laura Muolo
Laura Muolo
Oil painting

80 x 80cm

fluffy sleeves by Viktor Solt
Viktor Solt
Mixed-media sculpture

22 x 47cm

Carlo by Grégory Héomet
Grégory Héomet
Oil painting

30 x 42cm

Girl on the Pier - Female Figure in Swimsuit Painting by Daria Gerasimova
Daria Gerasimova
Oil painting

24 x 30cm

Red flowers by Inna Medvedeva
Inna Medvedeva
Pastel drawing

65 x 50cm

Muse 10 by Anna Pepe
Anna Pepe
Acrylic painting

150 x 120cm

Deer boy by Sol Vil
Sol Vil
Mixed-media sculpture

10 x 31cm

Horseman 2023. - original medium painting on canvas - free shipping by Hanna Dujmović
Hanna Dujmović
Acrylic painting

70 x 90cm