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Greek Olive Tree by REME Jr.

28 x 49cm

Beneath the Stars by Abi Whitlock
Abi Whitlock
Acrylic painting

40 x 40cm

Summer On The North Coast by Joseph Lynch
Joseph Lynch
Acrylic painting

50 x 61cm

Refracted Light by Fintan Whelan
Fintan Whelan
Oil painting

160 x 160cm

Here & Now by Mercedes Lagunas
Mercedes Lagunas
Acrylic painting

150 x 100cm

Virtue by Shaun Burgess
Shaun Burgess
Oil painting

43 x 53cm

Bonaire Blues by Eva Volf
Eva Volf
Oil painting

102 x 76cm

The aquatic forest by Federica Belloli
Federica Belloli
Acrylic painting

90 x 90cm

Purple traffic light by Yaroslav Yasenev
Yaroslav Yasenev
Acrylic painting

60 x 80cm

Wrapping My Arms Around You by Dasha Pears
Dasha Pears

108 x 109cm

Whispering Wild Meadows by Lucy Moore
Lucy Moore
Acrylic painting

100 x 100cm

Revelation by Kirsten Handelmann
Kirsten Handelmann
Acrylic painting

103 x 117cm