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Chaotic Beauty #2 by Lucy Moore
Lucy Moore
Acrylic painting

60 x 60cm

Sunrise on sea by Andrej  Ostapchuk
Andrej Ostapchuk
Oil painting

140 x 75cm

" DRY, RED DRY " by Monika Luniak
Monika Luniak
Oil painting

50 x 60cm

"Is Love A Boat?" by Silvia Pavlova
Silvia Pavlova

25 x 25cm

The Art Of Rodeo No.55 by Paul Cheng
Paul Cheng
Oil painting

61 x 91cm

Mandarins with a pewter beaker by Albert Kechyan
Albert Kechyan
Oil painting

31 x 31cm

Airy dress. by Igor Shulman
Igor Shulman
Oil painting

70 x 100cm

Serenity 1 by Sandra Gebhardt-Hoepfner
Sandra Gebhardt-Hoepfner
Acrylic painting

80 x 90cm

Translucent Lily's 2 by MICHAEL FILONOW

66 x 81cm

four lemons on white background by Olivier Payeur
Olivier Payeur
Oil painting

30 x 20cm

Dandelions 1`24 by Silja Salmistu
Silja Salmistu
Pastel drawing

25 x 25cm

"Naked Sky" #2 by Cecilia Frigati
Cecilia Frigati
Acrylic painting

81 x 99cm