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Willow Tree Canopy by Alex Cassels
Alex Cassels

61 x 61cm

Willow Tree by Lilit Vardanyan
Lilit Vardanyan
Oil painting

50 x 50cm

meet me by the willow tree by Alfred  Ng
Alfred Ng

38 x 33cm

In the shade of an old willow tree by Kalenyuk Alex
Kalenyuk Alex
Oil painting

70 x 60cm

Big Willow Tree in The Park, Early Evening by Suren Nersisyan
Suren Nersisyan
Oil painting

71 x 56cm

Silver and Copper Weeping willow Tree by Steph Morgan
Steph Morgan
Mixed-media sculpture

20 x 20cm

Silver wire willow tree by Steph Morgan
Steph Morgan
Mixed-media sculpture

30 x 35cm

"A willow tree on Rusanivka channel" by Merite Watercolour
Merite Watercolour

19 x 28cm

Willow Tree Reflections by Zoe Elizabeth Norman
Zoe Elizabeth Norman
Oil painting

101 x 76cm

Now £3600
willow trees by Sergey  Kachin
Sergey Kachin
Pastel drawing

90 x 95cm

RAN ART - Chinese painting 38*38cm - The big willow tree by RAN HAO

38 x 38cm

Through the willow tree by Ernst Kruijff
Ernst Kruijff
Acrylic painting

50 x 60cm