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Statue of Liberty String Artwork by Andrey Saharov
Andrey Saharov

76 x 76cm

The Statue of Liberty by Daria Kolosova
Daria Kolosova
Oil painting

160 x 200cm

Male sculpture, Alexander statue figurine by Emmanouil Nanouris
Emmanouil Nanouris
Clay sculpture

6 x 20cm

Now £384
Male statue painting sculpture portrait by Emmanouil Nanouris
Emmanouil Nanouris
Oil painting

60 x 60cm

Now £704
Siem Reap Statue by Marc Ehrenbold
Marc Ehrenbold

102 x 76cm

Statue by Philippe berthier
Philippe berthier

50 x 78cm

Scarves, Incense, Statues, Devotion at the foot of the tree by Gordon T.
Gordon T.

53 x 79cm

Statue of Buddha by Hongtao Huang
Hongtao Huang
Pencil drawing

19 x 27cm

STATUES - FRANKFURT by Robbert Frank Hagens
Robbert Frank Hagens

80 x 80cm

Popart statue of Liberty by Antoni Dragan
Antoni Dragan
Acrylic painting

104 x 124cm

Statue Study by Heather Hubbard
Heather Hubbard
Acrylic painting

61 x 61cm

A statue in the Park. by Vita Schagen
Vita Schagen
Oil painting

25 x 25cm

Now £68