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Autumn Maple Leaves by Alex Tolstoy
Alex Tolstoy
Mixed-media painting

30 x 25cm

Autumn Maple Leaves by Paul Nash
Paul Nash

61 x 41cm

Maple Leaf by Fionna Bottema
Fionna Bottema

34 x 69cm

Leaves by Olga Tchefranov (Shefranov)
Olga Tchefranov (Shefranov)

30 x 46cm

Set of 4 leaves by Olga Tchefranov (Shefranov)
Olga Tchefranov (Shefranov)

36 x 51cm

Autumn maple by Alfred  Ng
Alfred Ng

38 x 38cm

Maple Branch by Yuliia Moiseieva
Yuliia Moiseieva

38 x 28cm

Maple Leaf by Dalia Barke
Dalia Barke
Oil painting

70 x 50cm

Maple Flames by Alex Cassels
Alex Cassels

44 x 32cm

Leaves of the wind by Julia Gogol
Julia Gogol

40 x 30cm

Now £71
Fall leaves by Janet Joslin
Janet Joslin
Oil painting

91 x 91cm

MAPLE LEAF by Ruslan Kiprych
Ruslan Kiprych
Oil painting

24 x 30cm