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Pavarti Signature - Body woman metal artwork with chrome by Philippe Buil
Philippe Buil

22 x 31cm

A Faceless Portrait by Alexandra Jagoda (Ovcharenko)
Alexandra Jagoda (Ovcharenko)
Oil painting

60 x 80cm

Now £323
Woman wearing a brown coat by Siniša Alujević
Siniša Alujević
Acrylic painting

30 x 42cm

Self-portrait with a mirror by Lu Sakhno
Lu Sakhno
Acrylic painting

2 x 2cm

Portrait of a poet by Bishan Singh
Bishan Singh
Charcoal drawing

38 x 51cm

Portrait of Mila by Elina Arbidane
Elina Arbidane
Oil painting

30 x 40cm

Portrait of a man with pistol and book by Elina Arbidane
Elina Arbidane
Oil painting

70 x 100cm

Unfinished Completed ,portrait of a Ukrainian soldier, uderwater painting by Lesja Rygorczuk
Lesja Rygorczuk
Acrylic painting

80 x 100cm

Frida Kahlo - XL Pop art portrait by Misty Lady - M. Nierobisz
Misty Lady - M. Nierobisz
Acrylic painting

76 x 102cm

Queen Elizabeth II Portrait by Olga Beliaeva Watercolour
Olga Beliaeva Watercolour

28 x 38cm

Contemporary portrait of a young woman with a hat. by Jackie Smith
Jackie Smith
Oil painting

30 x 26cm

Vintage Lady Looking - Lady Sitting Portrait of Woman Figurative by Sharyn Bursic
Sharyn Bursic
Acrylic painting

30 x 42cm