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Dreamy Nude by Jelena Djokic
Jelena Djokic
Ink drawing

26 x 28cm

Dark Celestial by Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts

50 x 50cm

Dark Opal by Liam Roberts
Liam Roberts

50 x 50cm

Dance of Light and Shadow by Alexandra Jagoda (Ovcharenko)
Alexandra Jagoda (Ovcharenko)
Acrylic painting

60 x 80cm

A SHADOW ON THE ROAD by Zoran Mihajlović Muza
Zoran Mihajlović Muza
Acrylic painting

55 x 70cm

Under the shadow of a tree by Federico Cortese
Federico Cortese
Oil painting

54 x 40cm

The woman in the shadow. by Victoria Cozmolici
Victoria Cozmolici
Oil painting

30 x 40cm

In the shadows 1 by David Gill
David Gill
Digital Art (Giclée)

30 x 42cm

Carnations and Shadows by Nataliia Nosyk
Nataliia Nosyk
Oil painting

36 x 46cm

The Dark Blue Symphony by Zhanna Kondratenko
Zhanna Kondratenko
Oil painting

100 x 70cm

" Agartha - In the Light Beneath the Shadow 3 " by Ivan  Grozdanovski
Ivan Grozdanovski
Oil painting

72 x 72cm

Shadow Series 2021 f by Paul Stowe
Paul Stowe
Pastel drawing

38 x 48cm