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Coastal Cliffs and Sea Breezes by Amanda Horvath
Amanda Horvath
Acrylic painting

40 x 40cm

The Marsh at Pennard Pill (Three Cliffs Bay, Gower) by Emma Cownie
Emma Cownie
Oil painting

50 x 40cm

Cliffs of Etratat II by Daniel Fishback
Daniel Fishback
Oil painting

76 x 61cm

Cliffs at Blegberry by Bert Bruins
Bert Bruins
Oil painting

30 x 25cm

Pink Cliffs by Elizabeth Anne Fox
Elizabeth Anne Fox
Acrylic painting

84 x 58cm

Three Cliffs sunset by Karen Elaine  Evans
Karen Elaine Evans
Pencil drawing

42 x 30cm

Bempton Cliffs near Flamborough Head by Jean  Luce
Jean Luce
Acrylic painting

40 x 50cm

Expressive cliffs and sea by Teresa Tanner
Teresa Tanner
Oil painting

76 x 76cm

Heike Roesel "Secrets in the cliffs", fine art etching in 2 editions, 35 each (blue) by Heike Roesel
Heike Roesel
Etching / Engraving

25 x 57cm

Broadstairs, Viking Bay. 'End of Summer'. Beach, boats, jetty and cliffs by Peter Day
Peter Day

43 x 33cm

Three Cliffs Bay. The Gower.Wales by Christopher Hughes
Christopher Hughes

33 x 23cm

Bempton cliffs, nesting time, near Flamborough Head by Jean  Luce
Jean Luce
Acrylic painting

50 x 50cm