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Sleepy Cats - Original Watercolor Painting by Yana Shvets
Yana Shvets

23 x 37cm

The Beauty of Imperfection. Wabi Sabi Cat / ORIGINAL watercolor ~16x22in (40x50cm) by Olha Malko
Olha Malko

40 x 50cm

"Portrait of a cat" original watercolor sketch by Ksenia Selianko
Ksenia Selianko

21 x 23cm

"Nyan cat" 2022 Watercolor on paper 60x42 by Eugene Gorbachenko
Eugene Gorbachenko

42 x 60cm

Red cute cat original watercolor artwork red cat with long tail , living room decor , farmhouse decor unique  gift  for pet lovers by Irina Povaliaeva
Irina Povaliaeva

28 x 50cm

Black and White Cat in Watercolor Animal Pets Painting by Ion Sheremet
Ion Sheremet

30 x 40cm

STRIPED CAT🌙 WATERCOLOR by Alina Shangina ❤️
Alina Shangina ❤️

15 x 19cm

Set of three artworks with pets - St. Bernard dog, Dalmatian dog and spotted cat. Original watercolor artworks. by Evgeniya Mokeeva
Evgeniya Mokeeva

25 x 18cm

Cat life. Portrait of a blue-eyed spotted cat. Original watercolor artwork. by Evgeniya Mokeeva
Evgeniya Mokeeva

18 x 25cm

Stray cat in watercolor, Animal, Sun and shadows painting by Yulia Evsyukova
Yulia Evsyukova

36 x 26cm

Cat's Christmas. Watercolor portrait painting. by Svetlana Vorobyeva
Svetlana Vorobyeva

22 x 30cm

Ragdoll Cat Original Watercolor by Lauren Rogoff
Lauren Rogoff

15 x 23cm