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Mosaic | Interior decor | Flat earth by Gabrielius Mackevicius
Gabrielius Mackevicius

120 x 100cm

Dip Lightly in the Water - Minimalist pale blue canvas by Lynne Douglas
Lynne Douglas

163 x 112cm

Interior painting with olive tree. Inspired by Van Gogh. by Vita Schagen
Vita Schagen
Oil painting

25 x 25cm

Interior #1 by Anyck Alvarez Kerloch
Anyck Alvarez Kerloch
Acrylic painting

31 x 41cm

Turquoise vertical abstraction. White blue wall art. by Marina Skromova
Marina Skromova
Acrylic painting

100 x 130cm

Light blue abstraction. White large Geometric Abstract Art. POWDER by Marina Skromova
Marina Skromova
Acrylic painting

80 x 100cm

Oil Abstraction 176 - Framed Abstract Painting by Kathy Morton Stanion by Kathy Morton Stanion
Kathy Morton Stanion
Oil painting

13 x 13cm

New York Interior with Statue by Patty Rodgers
Patty Rodgers
Oil painting

76 x 102cm

In interior by Elena Shichko
Elena Shichko
Acrylic painting

60 x 50cm

Abstraction artwork zebra multi-colored yellow pink blue black stripes by Kseniya Kovalenko
Kseniya Kovalenko
Digital Art (Giclée)

73 x 100cm

Big XXL painting - "Abstract mood" - Abstraction - Geometric - Gothic - Huge painting - Bright abstract by Yaroslav Yasenev
Yaroslav Yasenev
Acrylic painting

200 x 80cm

Cat 4 (cycle of minimalist cats) by Olga Tchefranov (Shefranov)
Olga Tchefranov (Shefranov)
Ink drawing

20 x 29cm