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contemplative strength by Denny Stoekenbroek
Denny Stoekenbroek
Charcoal drawing

50 x 65cm

Joe McHarg
Mixed-media painting

76 x 107cm

CONTEMPLATIVE NUDE   30"X42" by Joe McHarg
Joe McHarg
Mixed-media painting

76 x 107cm

Now £350
Contemplative Gaze by Tatyana Holodnova
Tatyana Holodnova
Oil painting

27 x 34cm

Contemplative Girl by Bill Stone
Bill Stone
Oil painting

122 x 152cm

A Contemplative Diwali 2022 by Arun Prem
Arun Prem
Oil painting

41 x 51cm

Contemplative Horizon by Julia Ustinovich
Julia Ustinovich

21 x 29cm

The musings of the contemplative by Kerry Lisa Davies
Kerry Lisa Davies
Oil painting

25 x 36cm

Contemplative Aura: Monochrome and Gold by VICTO
Acrylic painting

70 x 70cm

Now £592
Contemplative Beauty by Matevos Sargsyan
Matevos Sargsyan
Oil painting

42 x 58cm

Contemplative Cat by Kamila Godlewska
Kamila Godlewska
Pastel drawing

37 x 29cm

Blue Sky. Diptych II by Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene
Asta Kulikauskaite Krivickiene
Oil painting

30 x 40cm