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The infinity line by Cristian Cuevas
Cristian Cuevas

30 x 18cm

Green Eyes Fish 2024 by Elya Yalonetski
Elya Yalonetski
Clay sculpture

12 x 11cm

Tiles #2 by Carla Sá Fernandes
Carla Sá Fernandes

43 x 95cm

Rainbow Dance by Zhao Yongchang 赵永昌
Zhao Yongchang 赵永昌
Bronze sculpture

33 x 60cm

Dancer by Linda Hoyle
Linda Hoyle
Mixed-media sculpture

26 x 21cm

Sol Figurative Marquetry Art by Troy Hyde
Troy Hyde
Wood sculpture

21 x 27cm

"Zephyr" by Ognyan Chitakov
Ognyan Chitakov
Stone sculpture

44 x 49cm

Electric sculpture 3 by Alexander Moldavanov
Alexander Moldavanov
Clay sculpture

11 x 38cm

Red Pair by George Tilelis
George Tilelis
Stone sculpture

40 x 22cm

Polkadot Board by George Tilelis
George Tilelis
Mixed-media sculpture

25 x 25cm

Balance by Toth Kristof
Toth Kristof
Bronze sculpture

32 x 25cm

Waiting for help by Karen Axikyan
Karen Axikyan

17 x 40cm