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Imprint by Margarita Ivanova
Margarita Ivanova
Oil painting

70 x 80cm

The Night We Meet by Ewa Czarniecka
Ewa Czarniecka
Oil painting

102 x 82cm

The girl with a plant on her hand by Silvia Beneforti
Silvia Beneforti
Oil painting

21 x 30cm

Symphony of Flowers by Mariann Johansen-Ellis
Mariann Johansen-Ellis

24 x 28cm

Sweethearts by Tashe
Ink drawing

26 x 41cm

Glorious Bluebells by Teresa Tanner
Teresa Tanner
Mixed-media painting

40 x 40cm

Rose Gold Chaos by Lucy Moore
Lucy Moore
Acrylic painting

97 x 60cm

Ocean waves by Emma Sian Pritchard
Emma Sian Pritchard
Acrylic painting

95 x 95cm

The Raven's Gaze by Alex Jabore
Alex Jabore
Oil painting

30 x 30cm

Peaches & Cream Meadow Delight #5 by Lucy Moore
Lucy Moore
Acrylic painting

60 x 60cm

Tenby Terraces by Emma Cownie
Emma Cownie
Oil painting

60 x 45cm

Lemon on cloth still life by Jane Palmer Art
Jane Palmer Art
Oil painting

28 x 37cm