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Winter Scene by Stephen Abela
Stephen Abela
Acrylic painting

84 x 69cm

I fill my Soul with the sun ... by Olga Didyk
Olga Didyk
Oil painting

90 x 80cm

Vanilla cloud by Milda Valentiene
Milda Valentiene
Oil painting

100 x 80cm

Dawn & Dusk by Petr Johan Marek
Petr Johan Marek
Oil painting

100 x 70cm

Chromatic butterfly - white by Federico Cortese
Federico Cortese
Oil painting

40 x 20cm

Oil painting, canvas art, stretched, "Future". Size 39,4/ 27,6 inches (100/70cm). by Kariko ono
Kariko ono
Oil painting

100 x 70cm

Forest beauty by Sergey  Kachin
Sergey Kachin
Acrylic painting

50 x 60cm

Sea sounds by Stanislav Lazarov
Stanislav Lazarov
Oil painting

90 x 180cm

Winter in the Peak District by Sarah  Gill
Sarah Gill
Mixed-media painting

20 x 25cm

Combobulated by Luke Crump
Luke Crump
Mixed-media painting

50 x 40cm

Moon walk gold by Mark Howard Jones
Mark Howard Jones
Acrylic painting

60 x 50cm

canvas 112 by Frantisek Florian
Frantisek Florian
Acrylic painting

140 x 110cm