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ALEX by Aare Freimann
Aare Freimann
Clay sculpture

5 x 10cm

Dance with me by Anna Sidi-Yacoub
Anna Sidi-Yacoub

180 x 60cm

Monoscillable #27 by George Koutsouris
George Koutsouris
Wood sculpture

9 x 19cm

"Revival" by Ognyan Chitakov
Ognyan Chitakov
Stone sculpture

20 x 48cm

For beauty and honor by Anna Andreadi
Anna Andreadi
Bronze sculpture

9 x 42cm

Le liquide rouge by Yannick Bouillault
Yannick Bouillault

21 x 40cm

rhythmical constructure by Nikolaus Weiler
Nikolaus Weiler
Mixed-media sculpture

30 x 28cm

Now £3638
Caress 10" - romantic bronze sculpture exquisitely finished in unique gray patina by Yenny Cocq
Yenny Cocq

10 x 25cm

Ocean Breeze by Olga Skorokhod
Olga Skorokhod
Mixed-media sculpture

25 x 25cm

rotativum_3li by Nikolaus Weiler
Nikolaus Weiler
Mixed-media sculpture

20 x 20cm

Dive 2 by Toth Kristof
Toth Kristof

30 x 40cm

Challenge Me! by Eilean Eland
Eilean Eland
Clay sculpture

30 x 54cm