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Redhead under water by Inna Medvedeva
Inna Medvedeva
Pastel drawing

50 x 65cm

Thoughtful Solitude by Pete Conroy
Pete Conroy
Oil painting

42 x 52cm

Between sky and sea by Veronica Ciccarese
Veronica Ciccarese
Oil painting

50 x 70cm

Gaze3 by Asya Harmash
Asya Harmash
Acrylic painting

40 x 40cm

Girl with wine by Alexandr Klemens
Alexandr Klemens
Oil painting

63 x 87cm

Hybrid Visions by Sol Vil
Sol Vil
Mixed-media sculpture

12 x 34cm

DIA-MONOLOGUE by Maria Gurikhina
Maria Gurikhina
Ink drawing

27 x 32cm

The Sailor Girl by Izabell Nemechek
Izabell Nemechek
Clay sculpture

8 x 25cm

La reina by Dunja Jung
Dunja Jung

36 x 45cm

Girl with pineapple by Aurora Camaiani
Aurora Camaiani
Acrylic painting

35 x 50cm

Splash by Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw
Vincent Dupont-Blackshaw

50 x 50cm

Dim Sum 3 by Kenson Low
Kenson Low
Oil painting

45 x 61cm