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Ivory Drops by Petr Johan Marek
Petr Johan Marek
Oil painting

140 x 140cm

Grasmere Mountains, Lake District by Elliot Roworth
Elliot Roworth
Oil painting

31 x 41cm

Absolute Flux by Patricia  Ariel
Patricia Ariel
Oil painting

41 x 51cm

Glacier-fed Lake by Grant Pecoff
Grant Pecoff
Oil painting

43 x 53cm

"Dignity" by Lena Vylusk
Lena Vylusk
Oil painting

70 x 90cm

Cool Haircut by Nataliya Bagatskaya
Nataliya Bagatskaya
Acrylic painting

65 x 80cm

Sunbeams by Anna Cher
Anna Cher
Mixed-media painting

100 x 80cm

The Rabbit Rules by Kristen Olson Stone
Kristen Olson Stone

25 x 36cm

Buttermere & Crummock from Mellbreak, The Lake District by Sam Martin
Sam Martin
Acrylic painting

61 x 46cm

Kitten Club by Ta Byrne
Ta Byrne
Oil painting

180 x 130cm

A Butterfly Story Collection 4 by Kathy Morton Stanion
Kathy Morton Stanion
Mixed-media painting

30 x 23cm

Harbor of destroyed dreams - Heralds of Hope 2 by Ivan  Grozdanovski
Ivan Grozdanovski
Oil painting

100 x 100cm