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Work It! The age of the machine...

Work It! Heavy machinery...

Ever heard that art is a low intensity activity? Nonsense!

This week we roll up our sleeves and celebrate those artists who are masters of heavy machinery, from beautiful old printing presses to slightly more unusual contraptions.

1. Alison Headley

UK-based printmaker Alison has always loved the graphic simplicity that a relief print can give. Here she is on her Columbian press which dates back to the 1870's. It's a colossus and weighs a ton but it's lovely to work with!


2. Leigh Shenton

Introducing Leigh's spinning machine. New to Artfinder in January this year, UK-based artist Leigh Shenton uses this incredibly powerful machine to create her mind-blowing spin paintings. This power is especially needed for larger paintings, such as 'Zephyr'.

3. Pragya Agarwal

UK-based printmaker Pragya can usually be found sitting with a spoon pressing a print, to get the ink coverage. But, once in a while she gets out this Columbian press from 1856. Also new to Artfinder in January, she says this press is great for the arm muscles as well as the finish! She used it to make this beautiful print.



US-based Printmaker Gregory Folken is a little shy, so we don't get to see his face. But we do get to see this great piece of kit, which he is using to create work for his latest exhibition, Interpersonal.


5. MK. Anisko

London-based artist MK. Anisko has been painting and playing guitar from a very early age. Here he is dabbling in the dark art of lithography.


Hero Image: 'The Future Will Kill You' by Brunella Fratini

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