Introducing My Artfinder!

Spotify Discover Weekly for Art!

They say that that good artists copy, great artists steal, right? This week we're delighted to launch My Artfinder, a mixtape of personal recommendations for users, just like Spotify Discover Weekly.

But not to be outdone, our recommendations are updated daily!

The first site in the art space to deliver a completely personalised home page, My Artfinder is a new way of shopping for art. In a traditionally curator-led, advisory market, personalised recommendations based on individual users’ tastes mark a new era for online art buying.

Based on artwork you’ve loved on the site, plus what similar users are loving, My Artfinder is a new, personalised homepage providing recommendations that are totally unique to you, as well as new artworks from artists that you follow.

As you become more addicted to the site (you will, trust us!), My Artfinder evolves. The more artworks you love, the better it gets.


Jonas Almgren, our CEO, comments:

“We are the first e-commerce site in the art space to do this - this is a completely new way of shopping for art. Spotify didn’t invent the mixtape after all – it has been perfectly acceptable to like whatever music you like for hundreds of years now."

"And yet our competitors in the art world are still claiming to be able to hold up ‘the next big thing’ or ‘investable art’ as if it’s they are the gatekeepers of good taste. The world just doesn't work like that any more. Not in music. Not in art. Personalised recommendations mean you see art you want to see, like you listen to music you want to listen to. That’s how it should be.”

"Also, the rate at which art is being added to Artfinder has rocketed in recent months, which is why we’ve realised that personalised recommendations are absolutely key. Around 1000 new artworks are currently being added to the site every single day, so unless you’re refreshing our ‘new’ page every hour, there’s lots of great stuff you’re going to miss.”

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