Top 3 Shop updates for the Holiday Season

Top 3 Shop updates for the holiday season

We know that this time of year can be super busy, so we've compiled our top 3 updates to help you get ready for 25th December and the new year ahead!

1- Update your Exhibitions and Awards

Updating your Shop with your latest achievements can be left lingering on your to-do list. We know that some artists have so many things on the go that they tend to forget them!

The new year is fast approaching so there is no better time to search through your emails, and your Facebook tags to recap on your year creating art! Customers love to learn more about where you’ve been and what you’ve achieved, so why not brag about how busy you’ve been #MakingArtWork on Artfinder?

Here’s an action shot of Fintan Whelan at Documenta Halle in October 2016

Make it easy:

1- Start by getting a note up on your computer and make a list.

2- For those procrastinators it’s always best to build on what you’ve been up to as you go.

3- Schedule a reminder in your calendar for a day of the week to update this section of your Artfinder Shop.

Please know that you can include any other activities that wouldn’t fit in something more serious like a formal CV. For example, have you been part of a demonstration or event in your community?

And for the stand-out achievements: have you been featured in a magazine article or a blog? Have you been invited to exhibit at a gallery in your area or abroad? Whatever the achievement or involvement - make sure you keep record of it!

Update your Exhibitions, Education and Awards.

2- Update your Me at Work

We’ve been saying this for a long time: ‘A great Me at Work photo does wonders for an Artfinder Shop’. So get snapping!

A little bit of insight into how you create your art, and where you work goes a long way to build trust. Not to mention, a real sense of curiosity about the pieces that your buyers will hang on their walls!

To get started, have a look through your mobile phone, or images on your computer and find any photos you’ve taken that inspired you during those quiet moments in your studio. Anything from exhibitions in galleries, to your cat lying about your studio are relevant, so take some time to add to your Me at Work section!

Meet Allison Wolf’s studio assistants

What’s trending now is a festive take on Me at Work images, so you may also want to add a seasonal twist to your photos. No matter how you choose to update your Me at Work, keeping this section up-to-date is key to owning your work, and your Artfinder presence. Here’s a guide to get you started.


3- Update your artwork listings

It goes without saying that an empty looking Shop is not going to help you sell any of your work, especially during the busiest time of year.

We recommend that the minimum amount of artwork in your shop should be 6 pieces in order to be featured in our marketing channels, but what do you have to lose by adding more?

For example, is there anything we’ve been working on that could be finished, or touched up to make a new artwork? Have you ever considered making a series of artworks? For abstract painters using canvas, can any of your larger works be cut into different sizes to double your listings?

The idea of drip feeding your work can also help you keep your updates regular. It is worth mentioning that whenever you add new artwork:

1- Your followers get an email

2- Your work goes out on Artfinder Latest feed on Twitter

3- Your work goes to the top of the ‘new’ page on the site.

So adding artworks with a ‘little and often’ approach is the best way to get noticed. As always, remember those all-important secondary images and detailed artwork descriptions.


Header image: Yulia Ivanova

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