Festive Preparations: Update your Shop

Festive Preparations: Update your Shop

For the next in our series of hints and tips on how to optimise your shop for the Festive Season, we offer ideas on how to make the most of the features on your Artfinder Seller Portal. From highlighting your successes of the year so far to giving your shop a festive facelift, maximise the potential of your store to encourage those sales!

Spread the word about your latest achievements

It's a fast-paced world out there, and the task of updating your Artfinder Shop with your latest achievements, awards and exhibitions can fall by the wayside. But if ever there was a time to take stock of your a accomplishments this year, now would be it!

Customers love to learn more about the artist that they're buying from and what they have achieved in the world of art, so presenting your accolades on your shop is always a plus!

Perhaps you have been featured in a magazine article or a blog? Or maybe you have been invited to exhibit at a prestigious gallery in your area? Whatever the highlight - shout about it! And of course, don't forget to get in touch with our PR Team so that we can get the word out as well!

Update your Exhibitions, Education and Awards.

Painter Anna Ravliuc displays her latest feature in Vogue magazine

Overhaul your 'Me at Work' section

A great 'Me at Work' photo does wonders for an Artfinder Shop and gives customers a real insight into the way that you create your art. Seeing an artist in action builds trust and can generate a real sense of curiosity about the piece that will adorn their wall!

And since the festive season is around the corner (in retail terms at least!), you may also want to add a seasonal twist to your imagery. Either way, presenting your freshest, most up-to-date images is key to reinforcing your brand identity and the evolution of your work.

Update your 'Me at Work' imagery here.

Watercolourist Jenny Matthews showcases herself working on her latest piece

Add to your inventory!

It goes without saying that if you have an empty Artfinder Shop, you're not likely to sell any work through the site! Customers will soon start to think about purchasing gifts for their loved ones, so make sure that you're ahead of the game by uploading your latest creations to your shop.

As always, remember those all-important secondary images (which you may wish to give a festive twist) and detailed descriptions - we love to hear the stories behind the creation of so many of your artworks, and customers do too!

Add new artworks here.

Create Gift Collections

In the run-up to Christmas you will undoubtedly begin to see Gift Guides advertising gifts by various categories, and it's a great idea to adopt a similar tactic for your Artfinder Shop using the Collections feature. This directs potential customers straight to pieces that they may wish to purchase rather than browsing your entire shop and can also act as inspiration for future purchases.

Possible collections include:

  • Gifts for Kids
  • Gifts for Foodies
  • Gifts for Animal Lovers
  • Stocking Fillers (for smaller pieces)
  • Gifts for under £500

Create Gift Collections here.

Hero image courtesy of Elizabeth Lever.

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