Festive Preparations: Your Seasonal Tick List

Festive Preparations: Your Seasonal Tick List

Over the past few weeks, the Artfinder Academy team has offered a series of hints and tips on how to improve your Artfinder Shop for the holiday season. We’ve been pleased to see so many sellers making the necessary changes to their shops in preparation for the busy period of sales ahead - so congratulations for all of the hard work that you have put in so far!

We’re rounding up this series with a tick list of to-dos for the season which we hope will also come in handy for future seasonal events.

  • If you’ve been with Artfinder for longer than a year, learn from your previous online selling experience to understand what works for you. On this basis you will be able to develop a strategy for the season ahead. Perhaps you have seen that you sell well at a particular price point? Or that a particular style sells better than others.

  • Optimise your profile with your latest achievements and ‘Me at Work’ images. This can be anything from exhibitions and awards to mentions in the press, all of which will add to your credibility as an artist!

  • Optimise your existing listings with detailed and engaging artwork descriptions, titles and relevant tags and make your customer’s decision to purchase an absolute no-brainer!

  • Update your shop to include Global Shipping. Artfinder’s customers are based all over the world, so make sure you’re not missing out on sales!

  • Add to your inventory by listing as many artworks as possible. BUT: make sure your product selection is of high quality.

  • Create seasonal Gift Collections to streamline your customers’ shopping experience. Stocking Fillers, Winter Wonderlands, Gifts for Kids are some suggestions for this Festive Season.

  • Refine your product imagery with high resolution images with accurate colour reproduction. Click here for more tips.

  • Add beautiful, secondary images that emphasise the textures in and scale of your pieces. Computer generated images are a no-go - see our hints for realistic secondary images here.

  • Communicate final shipping dates for seasonal events on your shop front. Manage customer expectations so that they can be sure of receiving their gifts in time!

  • Stock up on packing materials so that you’re ready to ship your artworks quickly and professionally.

What do you think about this series on Festive Preparations? What could we do better for next time? And is there anything that we missed? Be sure to let us know on the forum.

Hero image courtesy of Stephanie Ho.

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