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Seascape art: Bring the beach indoors

Seascape art: Bring the beach indoors

Sally may love selling seashells, but we bet she actually really loves seascape paintings.

Just as the name suggests, seascape art is where the ocean or another body of water is the central element of the piece. Sometimes seascapes can include a cheeky tugboat or a mermaid or two, but typically the piece will be of classic crashing waves. Seascape art also has a close cousin in maritime paintings, full of ships big and small. But ultimately, seascapes provide a sense of calm, emotion and tranquility.

While seascape art may be sometimes overlooked, here are some reasons why you should decorate your home with a serene ‘scape.

Bring the beach to your living room

Dreaming of a day off so you can whisk away to the nearest shore? Satisfy the sailor in you with a seascape painting or photograph.

Whether you prefer dark and foreboding clouds or a sunny day full of beachgoers, consider the theme of your space. Maybe you want your room to be full of blues - sky, royal, azure or navy. Maybe you want a nautical theme of seashells, anchors, ships and more. Whatever floats your boat, stick to the theme of your space to successfully incorporate a seascape.

Be calmed by seascape art

Did you know our brains react positively to water? Not just drinking it but looking at it, too! Being near the sea has been proven to make us calmer and happier, and sometimes even healthier. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy the sea… scapes. Fill your room with snapshots of the calming water to get a bit of serenity everyday. It’s good for your health!

Create a memento of your trip seaside

If you’re a frequent visitor to the sea, bring your favourite beaches home with you. Purchasing seascape art as a memento of your holiday is a tradition first started by travelers in the 18th and 19th centuries. This was back when Romanticism caused a rise in popularity of seascape paintings.

Whether you’re missing the Cliffs of Moher or the white beaches of Bora Bora, handpick a seascape artwork to commemorate your trip abroad.

Lighten up a room

Popular seascapes often include brilliantly lit skies from a sunrise or sunset. While you may not be a morning person, you shouldn’t have to miss out on seeing the sun rise.

Choose a room in your home that’s looking for a bit of pizzazz and add a seascape piece with a dramatic sunrise. To go one step further, hang a sunrise artwork on one side of the room and a sunset on the other. You’ll never need to leave the house again!

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*Cover image via Eva Volf

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