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Why being an artist is a 'real job'

This week we met Artfinder best seller Ronald Hunter. Ronald started his creative life as a graphic designer but later went on to become a full-time artist, setting up a gallery of his own. His bright abstract paintings often include typography and elements of pop-art, and are a firm favourite here on Artfinder customers - in fact he has had over 300 sales since joining us in 2015!

Read on to learn more about what being an artist means to Ronald and why he regards himself as an entrepreneur.

On becoming an artist

Creating has always been one of my favourite things. After finishing art school, I started work as a graphic designer. The great thing with design is, you learn about all kinds of brands and I went on to specialise in creating different designs for small and large companies.

Years later I started to think about how great it would be to have my own brand or product. I began to experiment and develop my artistic style while also thinking about my art as a brand. I loved this way of working and so continued, and soon after decided to become a full-time artist!

On being an artist

I see myself as both an artist and an entrepreneur. Being an artist is much more than just creating art: it is having that motivation to work as an all-round artist. I sell a lot of paintings a year, so it is really important that my logistics and art supplies remain well organised.

I'm very grateful that my job is to be an independent artist. People often ask me if it gets tedious to just paint all the time, but it is a lot of fun and I don't mind spending long hours in my studio.

Being an artist is 'a job' for me, like any other job. As an artist you have to really invest in yourself and do a lot of different things to grow.

'Squared City blue - 80' by Ronald Hunter, £585

On the studio

I've been a full-time artist for three and a half years now. At the beginning of this year I moved to a new studio, where I both create and display my art - in a great art gallery named Roxier.

Ronald in the studio
Ronald at work

On inspiration

Because of my background in graphic design, I'm inspired more by illustrative and graphic work than I am by commonly known styles. I love to create abstract artworks and to incorporate a little illustrative or typographic touch.

On challenges

I never struggle to produce art. If anything I'd like more time to explore and make different kinds of art and so I allow myself some time every week to produce new works.

I try to limit these times of exploration to a specific time frame, this adds discipline to my job as an artist and tends to work best for me.

'Landscape Camel Blue - C13 ' by Ronald Hunter, £314

'Landscape Camel Blue - C13 ' by Ronald Hunter, £315

On other artists

My favourite artists are all very different to one another, I don't prefer one particular style or emotion but rather I prefer to be inspired by variety.

I like David Carson, a graphic artist who creates whatever he wants in the realm of the commercial world. I love the way that Mark Ryden creates his own fantasy worlds; his paintings have a strange kind of happiness.

In terms of well known artists, I like Banksy, Jeff Koons, Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

'Abstract - Neon Popart Face Five (Triangle) - B34' by Ronald Hunter, £991

On role models

I don't believe in having one particular role model, I believe in having lots of great role models and that you should always remain true to yourself.

On life

I have lived in Rotterdam for the last 10 years, but was born in a small town in the lower part of the Netherlands.

I am not a religious person, I simply believe that you should walk lots of different paths in life. The more paths you walk the more opportunities you'll encounter.

'Abstract - Once Red - B15' by Ronald Hunter, £269

On Artfinder

I'm very grateful to be part of the Artfinder family, they give me the best connection to the world of art lovers and collectors. Artfinder has provided me with the means to grow to the next level!

A lot of my customers are repeat customers, and my best one happens to be the person I sold my first painting to!

'Neon Typo in blue Junior - 480', £150 by Ronald Hunter, £89
'Neon Typo in blue Junior - 480', £150 by Ronald Hunter, £89

On the future

I just opened my own art gallery, which is a really great place to exhibit my works! I have all the space I need for people to come whenever they like.

'Pop art Typography - A41 ' by Ronald Hunter, £134

Advice for other artists

Try to develop your own unique way of creating art, a way that comes closest to your feelings and the way you love to work.

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