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9 nudes to get your heart racing!

The nude is a subject that has always remained a firm favourite here at Artfinder.

So just for you, we have selected 10 fabulous figures which celebrate artistic interpretations of the human form. These 9 artists really have explored the nude in all its glory: exaggerating, simplifying, abstracting and mutilating the body in all manner of media: drawing, collage, photography, painting and print.

1. Award after award!

'Nude Study' by Jo Beer, £40

UK-based artist Jo Beer describes herself as a figurative artist, who absolutely loves people!

Jo was selected as a finalist of 'Sky Arts Portrait Artist of The Year' on Sky Arts for her painted figures and was also chosen as winner of the Trerise Gallery Open Art Competition. It therefore seems right to present Jo in our top 10, another fantastic example of the incredible affordable art that we have here on Artfinder!

2. Fruitfully figurative

'Opaline' by Michel Leclercq, £5166

The shadows cast over Michel Leclercq's nude echo the shadows of leaves over ripening fruit. Just peachy!

3. The nude, but not as you know it...

'Nude On Apples' by Jiri Havlik, £543

Jiri Havlik has rejected the traditional nude with this genderless, naive, ready to hang painting.

4. Moody and monochrome

'Morning Light 424' by David Kofton, £887

David Kofton's black pastel drawing of a nude woman lying on her side captures the glory of the morning light as it streams through a window. We love the way in which David uses light and shadows to accentuate the soft curves of the female form.

5. A male mash-up

'Flicks' by Corné Akkers, £125

Corné Akkers' collage creates a modern nude shouts out to cubism and art-deco: bright, bold and ready to spruce up any wall.

6. Photography on fleek!

'Raquel #14' by Henry Clayton, £350

UK-based photographer Henry Clayton also goes by the name 'Ninjaprints' and has risen to success with the support of the Prince's Trustand New Enterprise.

Love colour? Check out Henry's colour version of this piece, available for only £100.

7. Champion the traditional

'Aurelie' by Olivier Payeur, £817

Olivier Payeur approaches painting in a wonderfully traditional manner. No photographs were involved here; Olivier paints the human figure from life and employs oil paints to create beautifully classical nudes such as Aurelie.

8. When texture creates flesh...

'Etude. Nude on a red.' by Igor Shcherbakov, £1,921

Russia artist Igor Shcherbakov's oil on canvas is somthing of a masterpiece! His thick application of paint has given this nude a uniquely rich texture and his warm palette of deep oranges, pinks and reds create a beautiful, fleshy body.

9. Glistening beauty

'Silver Celina' by Elizabeth Lever, £1,921

Elizabeth Lever's beautiful limited edition screen print of an abstract nude, has been printed by hand on the finest quality archival art paper. Her use of off-white Italian print making paper has a subtle texture that works brilliantly to show off the glistening silver ink.