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  🌈 Paint the town rainbow 🌈  
10% off $209+ code: PRIDE10
15% off $695+ code: PRIDE15
 ·  Ends 30th June  · Terms
  🌈 Paint the town rainbow 🌈 
10% off $209+ code: PRIDE10
15% off $695+ code: PRIDE15
 ·  Ends 30th June  ·  Terms

Meet the team

Meet the team

Hi all,

Welcome to our ongoing Q&A feature, where we introduce a member of the Artfinder team to our community. This time, we speak with our lovely Senior Product Designer Oihana.

Q: Could you start by introducing yourself to our community?

Hi everyone, my name is Oihana, I am 42 years old, born in San Sebastian, a lovely coastal city in the north of Spain. I would strongly recommend a short trip there to everyone: lovely architecture, three beaches, three tone crazy waters, noble welcoming people and amazing food. In 2015 I moved to London with two goals: keep growing in my career and find a place to call home. I’ve found them both. I am also a mother to a 14 year old young man.

Q: How long have you worked with Artfinder and what is your role in the company?

I joined the Tech Team at Artfinder 8 months ago, as a Senior Product Designer. We are slowly working towards making the platform a better place for artists to sell their work and for customers to find what they are looking for, making their experience as smooth and pleasant as possible!

Q: What have been your highlights of working with Artfinder so far?

What I like about Artfinder is that it’s a completely different company from any other I’ve worked for. As the biggest highlight I’d say that what makes it special is the people, from the passion we all show collectively and individually to our willingness to make Artfinder work (and work better). We all have a common mission and we are all rowing in the same direction :)

Q: Do you come from a creative background? Do you engage in creative activities yourself?

Yes. My parents were very engaged when it came to art. We grew up surrounded by art books, going to museums, learning about the different art streams, etc. When I was a teenager I used to go to art lessons and my mom still proudly stores those horrible paintings somewhere at home. Luckily they are not hanged on the walls anymore…I didn’t end up pursuing a career in art but my job as a designer still allows me to work in a creative environment. I am also a photographer and I do mostly portraits and street photography.

Q: What does working for a B Corp mean to you?

Working for a B Corp allows me to be part of a larger willingness to make this world a better place. Having companies like Artfinder and others considered B Corps gives me hope in a future not just driven by money and status. Working for a B Corp makes me feel I am doing something, even if it’s a tiny little thing, to change the world.

Q: What do you like doing in your spare time?

Apart from being a taxi driver, supporter and cheerleader for my son’s football trainings and matches, I spend a lot of time on my passion which is photography. I always have someone to shoot or I just go for long walks in central London where I snap life moments from strangers without them noticing it. I think I would have been a good documentary photographer if I decided to go down that route when I started my career. Other than that, I love my thriller books, my TV shows and movies.

Q: How have you been coping with the recent Covid situation and do you have any words of advice for anyone who is not coping well with it?

As weird as it might sound, I kind of enjoyed being in lockdown. I tend to isolate and I love spending time at home. And paradoxically, this is the more connected I have been if I compare it to before the pandemic. I was lucky enough to be part of a self development coaching program and that helped me a lot with coping with everything, creating some good structures around mind and body and keep growing. I would highly recommend meditation as a daily morning and evening practice. It does change someone’s life.

Q: If you could take only three items with you to a desert island, what would they be?

My camera; an iPad with access to books and streaming; and… does my son count as a thing? ;)

Q: Finally, do you have any message for our community?

We are working hard to make this marketplace an outstanding platform to be part of. Hang in there with us, we do value you, we are listening and we want you to succeed. Watch this space, great things will keep happening. And thank you for trusting us.

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