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How to buy art for your hallway - yes, you read that right!

How to buy art for your hallway - yes, you read that right!

Hallways may seem like a space that just connects rooms and they don’t deserve attention, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They act like bridges between the various rooms of your home so it’s only natural to have them decorated in a way that brings the entire place together.

Whether you want to create a feeling of moving forward with a landscape painting of a wooden nature path, or you find that you should define space and time with a photo of celestial bodies, there are countless ideas to integrate art into the gateway to your living quarters.

Nature is calling

Bare branches, beautiful pathways lined with blossoming bushes, or tranquil pine forests are just a couple of ideas for wall art that will integrate perfectly in the hallway of someone in love with nature. Abstract oil paintings featuring trees that look like the Skittles rainbow and mellow watercolours depicting scenes from your favourite season could personalize the space even more.

Photo walls

Playing with multiple photos to achieve a sentiment of joy or just a look that is homey and artsy at the same time is a very popular type of decoration for hallways. You can opt for same-sized canvas prints to obtain a symmetrical arrangement or go for photos of different dimensions for a more unexpected effect.

Combining artistic photos with portraits of family members is another idea for filling the walls of the hallway with decorations that are truly meaningful. Photo montages pair well with console tables, but they are also perfect for personalizing an area under the stairs.

The world is just one step away

Urban landscapes are inspirational and go perfectly well in a hallway, as they remind you that there’s an entire world awaiting to be discovered as you step out of your home. Choose city paintings or photographs from places where you have been or from countries that you dream of travelling to. And if the Earth is not enough, you can go one step further with wall art inspired from a galaxy far, far away.

Monochromatic inspiration

Keep it simple yet sophisticated with black and white photos or posters featuring your favourite Hollywood stars, portraits or even flowers. Monochromatic paintings or ink drawings add a touch of style to any interior, while also coming with the advantage of going with just about and colour scheme. Besides black and white artwork, you can choose something a bit more unexpected, such as sepia drawings, for example.

Abstract shapes

Going with abstract paintings for the hallway may seem like a low-risk choice, but the truth is these paintings are a sure conversation starter, so they’ll get a lot of attention from your guests. What’s great about this style of art is that there are virtually endless choices that range from things such as abstract wildfires to seemingly chaotic geometric shapes that melt into bursts of colour to create unexpected effects.

Abstract collages and prints in small and medium dimensions are another suitable option for the hallway, as they combine textures and shapes in a way that is both pleasant and personality defining.

A sculptural approach

Depending on the size of your hallway and the type of furniture already existent, an abstract or traditional sculpture can truly bring the space together. From wood to mixed-media sculptures, the choice is indeed a vast one. Other options include glass, papier mache and clay.

Make sure the sculpture you choose is proportional with the furniture you intend to display it on, like a console table. Larger hallways may benefit from a stand-alone larger sculpture that has the potential to become a focal and defining point of the home. Either way, you’ll make your hallway look like a fancy art gallery with a one-of-a-kind sculpture.

No matter what medium you choose, you can transform any space to be art gallery ready, even your short little hallway connecting the kitchen to the foyer. We’ve got oodles of original art for you to personalize your own hallway.

Cover image via Oleh Rak

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