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Fooled You! George W. Bush didn't join Artfinder, but pet portrait painter Alicia VanNoy Call did

Fooled You! George W. Bush didn't join Artfinder, but pet portrait artist, Alicia VanNoy Call did

So you might have worked out by now that sadly George W. Bush didn't join our community of 6,000 artists today, but don't worry, we really are selling those amazing technicolour doggie portraits, because, luckily for us, Arizona-based pet portrait artist Alicia VanNoy Call joined instead.

Alicia with her rescue dog, Toby
Alicia with her rescue dog, Toby

Alicia VanNoy Call started working on DawgArt - pet portraits and animal artwork - back in 2001, as a self-taught artist living in Gilbert, Arizona. Since then, she has gained over a decade of painting experience and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah Valley University, where she graduated with honors. Alicia takes the colorful inspiration for her paintings from the Desert Southwest, where she lives with her family and their rescued dog, Toby.

She works with various rescue and shelter groups by donating artwork to fundraising auctions, promoting awareness and direct care for animals in need. Alicia makes appearances throughout the year at local rescue events and animal-related businesses, setting up her easel to paint for the public. She enjoys talking to fans, answering questions, and sharing her process with animal and art lovers.


Alicia loves bringing a colorful joy into her work. "With DawgArt, I use color in art to explore our relationship with the Animal Kingdom. I think our connections to companion animals are fascinating. It's interesting to see that our interactions with beloved animals make us more human."

Of her pet portraits, the artist says, "I love being able to capture that innocence in art. That pure spirit, the connectedness we feel when we're with animals - that's what I try to put down on the canvas. DawgArt makes people happy, which is why I do what I do."

Alicia brought DawgArt to Artfinder in February, hoping to share her brand with new audiences. She loves the community, and finds the artists here generous and encouraging.

DawgArt has shown in several galleries in the Southwest United States, and can be found in private collections in every U.S. state, as well as in countries around the world, including China, Russia, Australia, Italy, Spain, and the UK. Alicia takes commissions for custom paintings.

Hero image c. Ally Hinton

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