The Great British Bee Count!

Get buzzy!

How well do you know your brilliant local bees? Did you know there’s over 260 species in Great Britain alone?

They may be tiny but bees play a vital role in nature and our economy. Sadly, they’re in crisis. They’re losing their natural habitats, and are under assault from pesticides, intensive farming and climate change. That’s why Friends of the Earth is urging the British Government and public to join the generation that saves bees with its Bee Cause campaign.

Most British species are solitary bees or bumblebees (the UK has just 1 honey bee). They all play an important role in pollinating a wide range of plants and crops.

Friends of the Earth hopes to raise awareness about all of our bees, and their role in nature, during the Great British Bee Count from 19th May-30th June 2016. Friends of the Earth and Artfinder invite you to:

  • Create an artwork that celebrates bees in all their natural glory. This can be in any medium you choose, and the theme can be interpreted in any way you choose - no strict rules!
  • Submit your work to the Forumby midnight GMT on April 10th 2016
  • Share your work on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram on 19th May 2016 with the hashtags #greatbritishbeecount and #Artfinderbees

Learn more about our world's apian heroes:

Hero image: Red-tailed bumblebee, Norfolk, photographed by Linda Brown during Great British Bee Count 2015.

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