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It’s B Corp Month!

Artfinder is celebrating B Corp Month!

This March is B Corp Month – a whole month dedicated to celebrating businesses (like us) who are committed to making a positive difference. Artfinder takes great pride in being a certified B Corp business. Our certification as a B Corp allows us to do good and helps measure our performance in environmental and social impact. We’ve come a long way since our certification, and the impact created has been huge for not only us, but our environment too.

How is Artfinder celebrating B Corp Month?

We’re committing to plant five trees for every artwork sold throughout all of March. We first began our partnership with Ecologi in November 2020, to build our climate-positive workforce as a B Corp. We started planting one tree for each piece sold since our partnership.

Since then, we’ve planted more than 25,000 trees – putting us in the top 30 on Ecologi’s tree planting leaderboard. Better yet, we’re projecting over 100,000 trees to be planted in 2021. This March, we’re truly upping our game in creating an important and positive impact on our environment.

At Artfinder, being a B Corp means a great deal to us – not only for the environment, but as a business. The impact within our business has been outstanding since our certification. We’ve grown from a small team of eight all the way to 22 people in 2020 alone. We had success in our crowdfunding campaign too, accumulating a total of £834,056 from 1,320 investors.

Our B Corp certification also further ensured our mission: to make art accessible, affordable and a viable career. It has helped us hire passionate and talented professionals in our field that are here for the movement.

Being a B Corp isn’t something to take lightly; it’s a long-term journey. It’s a 21st century ethical movement in improving ourselves and our community. As a B Corp, we truly have been inspired to ‘B’ better.

Throughout the month we’ll be sharing some great stories from across our community, as well as our different initiatives.

Buy art, plant trees!

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