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Artfinder's mission and values

Artfinder's mission and values

Here at Artfinder, we do things a little differently. We're made up of a huge community of artists and art lovers, who genuinely care about original art and the positive impact it has on the world.

Our mission is to make art accessible, affordable and a viable career

Our mission focuses on the connection between real artists and the people who love their art.

On the customer side, we want to make sure they have access to the widest range of original artwork as possible. This also means offering prices for every wallet and making the buying experience as easy as possible.

We also want to help more artists make a living from their art. We want to make sure that artists and galleries are fairly rewarded and the marketplace is equitable for all. We are creating direct connections between artists and buyers to enable them to develop long-standing relationships.

Our values

We follow a moral compass that is comprised of our core values. They help us stay focused on our mission, knowing that we're doing the right thing for artists and customers and staying true to who we are.


Creativity and authenticity underpin everything we do; it’s hard-coded into our DNA. We’re all different and we celebrate those who express themselves through their own personality, identity and uniqueness.

No one has ever succeeded at achieving what we’re here to do. Many have tried and failed, so our approach has to be different and original in its own right if we’re going to succeed at our mission.


We strive to ensure art is accessible for everyone, whether you’re an artist or a customer. We’ve created a global art marketplace that connects art lovers directly with artists to help them find the right work for them.

We communicate with our community in a sincere and honest way. We want to build relationships with everyone involved based on trust and transparency.


We’re unafraid to make bold choices - whether it’s through showcasing challenging artwork, taking on competitors with deeper pockets or speaking out against inequality in the art world. By embracing new ideas we accept that we may fail, but we are brave enough to try. We have the courage to be bold, but we also admit we’re human and we make mistakes.

Having courage also means being able to dream big - this is what makes life worth living. We set out to make Artfinder the world’s largest affordable art marketplace, which is why we will not settle for a small and cosy platform with few artists and customers.


We champion a fair, equitable and open marketplace that rewards both artists and customers. We ensure that in whatever we do, we commit to it fully to create better ways of helping customers, artists and the wider art community.

We know that we need to follow a moral compass, which means putting things right when they go wrong. It also means recognising that a modern business needs to be a force for good.

Thank you to our community

Artfinder has changed many artists' lives already, but we do not want to stop here. We have some exciting plans which are all about helping more people access and discover affordable art, whilst helping a greater number of artists develop their careers and make a living from their talents.

We wouldn't be able to do this without you, our wonderful community of artists and art lovers. We hope to see more of you join us in the years to come!

Artfinder team above (left to right): Jane (Head of Comms), Aneta (Finance & Operations Manager), Emily (Senior Content Manager), Rosemary (UX/UI Designer), Michal (CEO), Marta (Customer Care Agent), Sophie (Customer Care Manager), Italo (Senior Front-end Engineer), Martin (Senior Python Engineer), Alice (Lead Curator); Missing: David (CTO).

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