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Work It! Retro

Who wants some Saturday nostalgia?!

Time can be a cruel mistress. This week our 6,000 artists indulge us with some photos of where (and precisely when!) their artistic journeys began.

1. Andrew Lever

New to Artfinder, this week's theme was inspired by National Geographic award-winning photographer Andrew Lever, who posted this photo of himself starring in a Lee Jeans advert. We can't all boast a former modelling career Andrew, we're very impressed!

And here he is today, on location in Vietnam. Looks like you're still living the dream, Andrew!


2. Tom Jones

As well as having a great name, British artist Tom Jones had great hair. In the 70s. Here he is, bright eyed and bushy tailed in 1979.


These days he prefers a hat, but the studio seems to have been upgraded somewhat, so he must be doing something right!


3. Linda Roberts

Internationally renowned US watercolour artist, Linda Roberts painting en plein air circa 1975. Why so serious, Linda?


Linda today with a commissioned piece, and a big smile, that's more like it!


4. Mo Tuncay

Turkish artist Mo Tuncay is known to team Artfinder for his great hair. It turns out he has been working on it since the nineties. (Was this really the nineties, Mo?!)


Here he is today, hard at work - on the art, not the hair.


5. Hayley Bowen

UK-based artist Hayley has been kind enough to share two retro photos with us this week, 10 years apart, both with her dog, Dinky, who she loved to draw. Here they are in 1965.

And again in 1975. Both her and Dinky are about 10 years old here, and she was soon to find out the reality of dog years. Devastating!

Hayley today, with a recent portrait commission. Thanks for sharing these!

Hero Image courtesy of Steve Jones

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