Artist interview - Alesia Yeremeyeva

Artist interview - Alesia Yeremeyeva

Our community of artists is the core foundation of Artfinder. With such a vast community based in all corners of the world, we wanted to help them share more about their artist journey, their artistic process and technique and what inspires them. Today, we chat with one of our amazing oil painters, Alesia Yeremeyeva.

Can you introduce yourself, where you are from and how long you have been with Artfinder for?

I am a Dorset based mainly self-taught marine artist, born in Eastern Europe. This is my 3rd year with Artfinder.

How would you describe your work?

Oil painting is a passion of mine as well as the sea, and the canvas is a place where they can come together.

What influences you and your work?

Living by the sea, I am inspired by ever-changing seascapes - from stormy skies over crashing waves to cloudless, bright sunny days where the sunlight playfully reflects off the sea's surface and refracts in the crystal clear water.

What does your creative process involve?

I always follow my heart in my work, but technique is the basis of course, and in my oil paintings I mainly use either a quick a la prima or traditional multi-layered technique.

Have you changed as an artist overtime?

Everything is meant to evolve, which I hope can be applied to my artistic journey as well.

What’s your favourite artwork you created and why?

It is really hard to choose. I fall in love with every single painting I create. The first painting that comes to mind right now is "Morning at the Beach'', which found its home in the USA last year. When I look at its photograph - the atmosphere of crisp fresh morning air and the warmth of summer sun rays always makes me smile and feel glorious.

What do you think is the role of art/artists in society?

Art is a language that everyone understands. It can unite, it can evoke different emotions, it can be contradictory, it can disturb or heal. It is impossible to underestimate the role of art in society.

What advice do you have for emerging artists looking to make a living out of their art career?

Never give up, listen to your heart, always remember - you're unique and that is what makes your art special. And practise every day, even if there is only a pencil and a napkin at your disposal!

Cover image via Alesia Yeremeyeva

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