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"Arcadia, 2016" by Peter Corr

“'Arcadia' is an imaginative landscape painting executed in an expressionistic style. It represents something of a departure for me in terms of technique and approach but is still primarily concerned with the cyclical nature of growth and renewal. There are elements of Surrealism in the exploration of natural imagery and some will see connections with the work of the English painters Graham Sutherland and Samuel Palmer. A tangle of brambles and shrubs such as hawthorn, blackthorn and thistle compete for limited resources in a continuing struggle for light and air. The heavy impasto oil paint is applied with a variety of tools including including brushes and knives. The tactile surface is an integral part of this large painting and there is a powerful sculptural quality to this work. I have been influenced by the contemporary German artist Anselm Kiefer and the landscape, fields and hedgerows of the Cambridgeshire fenlands.”

Art of the Day | 29 Aug