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Art of the Day: "Still Wild, 2017" by Colette Baumback

“'Still Wild' is a large beautiful floral painting of a lush green garden full of foliage and tumbling flowers. I wanted to create the feeling of flow and spontaneity in the work and have achieved by pouring, finger painting, dripping and dropping colour onto the canvas.”

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"Barcelona dogs 2, 2015" by Sasha Sokolova

Sasha Sokolova recently worked on the all-painted animated film Loving Vincent. This piece is her take on a summer scene near the beaches of Barcelona. Just back from the beach is a park developed when Barcelona hosted the Olympics and where people often walk or picnic or ride a bike. This “couple” caught her eye because they were both older and from another time, walking across a modern development in Barcelona. A mix of new and old.

Art of the Day | 30 Jan