Art of the Day: "Sharing a Meal. 20"x30" Premium Fine Art Canvas Print, 2014" by Roshan Panjwani

by Roshan Panjwani

“This photograph was made in the grasslands of Jim Corbett National Park in India. Elephants are known to form deep family bonds, living in tight matriarchal herds. The intimate moment between a mother and a calf, captured in this frame, reflects this bond and the intimacy and the sense of happiness make this frame special for me.”

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"Barcelona dogs 2, 2015" by Sasha Sokolova

Sasha Sokolova recently worked on the all-painted animated film Loving Vincent. This piece is her take on a summer scene near the beaches of Barcelona. Just back from the beach is a park developed when Barcelona hosted the Olympics and where people often walk or picnic or ride a bike. This “couple” caught her eye because they were both older and from another time, walking across a modern development in Barcelona. A mix of new and old.

Art of the Day

"Airbnb Paradise, 2017" by Dmitri Albert

Dmitri Albert is an artist from Saint Petersburg, Russia. His work explores a state, essence, idea or sensation using the language of colour, shapes and texture. The artwork is signed on the front and on the back. Sold unframed. Ready to hang. This work will be shipped in a safe cardboard-reinforced waterproof package along with the certificate of authenticity and a personal note from the author.

Art of the Day
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