Art of the Day: "Kick" by A K Nicholas

Art of the Day: "Kick" by A K Nicholas

A shot of enthusiasm: a swimmer propelling through brilliant blue crystalline waters. She makes her impression on the quilt work of patterns, swirls, and many hues of blue that surround her. Ripples flow from her body as it glides and her feet burst with the summertime energy of an explosive splash.

Her exuberance occupies two worlds: the agitated surface, white and blurry, and the still, quiet clear below.

About the artist

A K Nicholas is a visual artist specializing in figure (fine art nudes) photography. An unapologetic celebration of the female form, these images invite the viewer to explore a dreamlike world. His unorthodox aesthetic blends sensual imagery with a painterly style of manipulated colors.

Born in the United States, raised in the Middle East, this artist is formally trained in painting, drawing, and photography.

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Art of the Day

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Art of the Day
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