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Art of the Day: "Ai Weiwei, Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn, 1995" by jen

Butter fingers… When Ai Weiwei smashed this Han dynasty urn on camera, the photographs became more valuable than the ancient vase. It was a defiant act of cultural recycling: out with the old and in with the new. Weiwei’s provocative works eventually got him placed under house arrest by the Chinese government in 2011. 140,000 people petitioned for his release; Tate Modern painted “Release Ai Weiwei” on their exterior; and Anish Kapoor cancelled his Beijing exhibition in a gesture of solidarity.

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"Discreet music, 2016" by Rory Mitchell

“This painting is reminiscent of my time spent marching through Scotland's finest bogs as a young child. The picture is painted from my imagination, however it bears a passing resemblance to the North East of Scotland. This area's landscape is affectionately etched into my memory despite my many years living abroad. Based loosely on the work of François Gérard and 'Glasgow Boy' James Guthrie, I have used fine detail to describe the landscape and it's characters.”

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“I took this photo in The Dead Mountains (Totes Gebirge) in Austria, where the snow belts refresh your view and skin even in early Summer. When hiking through this infinite limestone mountain area my mind went through various stages of feelings from the Man on the Moon free levitation to post-apocalyptic nihility and back. If this rocky plateau was not that high and inaccessible, I bet this place would be full of filmmakers. When you look closer, you will see three black figures below the tall mountain peak. These were the only people we met and talked to that day.”

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