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Yue Zeng

Joined Artfinder: Jan. 2021

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United States

Updates from Yue Zeng's studio

  • Gouache portrait painting for my little one

    Gouache portrait painting for my little one

    I haven't done gouache for a while. It feels refreshing. Grandma will take this piece. :D Finished painting picture can be found on my Instagram profile.

    15 May 2022

    Time lapse digital sketch Sushi dream S1E1 with Procreate

    This is digital sketch for my oil painting Sushi dream S1E1. Software, Procreate I hope you enjoy it~ Thank you.

    01 April 2022

    Selfie at chemistry lab

    Selfie at chemistry lab

    This is my first self portrait painting. The other day when I looked at my photo album and find one selfie when I was working at the chemistry lab. I'm not a selfie person. If I remember correctly, the reason why I took this photo that day was my lipstick. I was wearing MAC Russian Red. I felt this was my last resort of feminine character among group of elderly men who worked in industry over decades. I had female co-workers in the lab but they rarely put on any makeup, not to mention MAC Russian Red. I guess this can count as "me at work". :D

    05 February 2021

    Tag along

    Tag along

    My little one really likes to sit on my lap whenever I am doing my work on the desk. Lucky enough that my keyboard has an easy ON/OFF switch so I don't end up with a big typing mess. The painting on the easel is work in progress, the reflection of a sail boat. :D

    03 February 2021

    My figure toys collection

    My figure toys collection

    These are all my figure toys collection as drawing reference. But my kids love to play with them. I put them in "Everybody looks left and everybody looks right" style. The ram skull is made of resin in case you want to know. The American Indian arrow is from Las Vegas. The Lucky bamboo and astronaut are from my husband. I got these animal figures mostly from Amazon except the black dragon (from Hobby Lobby) and the grey wolf on rock (from Russia). As I want to paint more mythical creatures in the future. I would like to collect them all. I still have the 3 heads hell hound and sea monster in my shopping cart but they are beyond my budget at this point.

    31 January 2021

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