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  • Packaging and Certificate of Authenticity

    Packaging and Certificate of Authenticity

    On this image you see a picture of a product I've shipped to a customer last December. I think it's important that my customers receive their special product without any damage, so I take special care for the packaging. Unframed paintings are always packed with protective foil and packed in a reinforced envelop with cardboard. Every artwork is unique and hand-made, so a Certificate of Authenticity is included. This proofs that the customer really owns a handpainted 'Eijkenbroek'.

    04 June 2020

    Protecting the Artworks

    Protecting the Artworks

    When an artwork is finished it's important to protect it for the future. If an artwork is sold, I want the buyer to receive it in the best possible condition so he or she can enjoy it for many more years. For me that is a two step process: - The first step is using a fixative. It's a liquid solution that is similar to varnishes. - The second step is a protective cover of glassine paper The fixative is a coating medium to protect the painting from various elements. Besides that, it delivers great results while allowing my paintings to age successfully without the risk of facing discoloration. I use a high quality fixative that is alcohol-based and of course acid-free. The second step in the process is covering the vulnerable side with a sheet of glassine paper. It's very smooth, so soft pastels don't stick to it and the painting doesn't get damaged during the shipping process for example. It's best to remove it on the final stage of framing.

    26 April 2020

    The creation of Sunset On The Fields

    In this video you can see how I create the painting "Sunset On The Fields".

    26 April 2020

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