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Event: Art inspired by Battersea Power Station

Dates: Sept. 25, 2015 - Sept. 27, 2015

Venue: Battersea Arts Centre, Battersea Arts Centre, Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5TN

My artwork inspired by Battersea Power Station will be on display from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th September 2015, 10am-5pm every day.

Event: Solo Exhibition

Dates: May 28, 2015 - June 24, 2015

Venue: Gallery Gaude Mater and Gallery Wejsciowka, Czestochowa, Poland

Solo Exhibition
address: Gallery Wejsciowka, Raclawicka 6, Czestochowa, Poland,35270,18028310,Czestochowianin_z_Londynu_pokazuje_sie_w_W ejsciowce.html

Event: In Dialogue

Dates: April 24, 2015 - May 22, 2015

Venue: Gallery BAR, London, UK

Venue: Gallery BAR, London, UK

Event: Draw your Own Conclusions

Dates: Jan. 14, 2015 - March 1, 2015

Venue: Gallery Art With A Heart, Manchester, UK

Venue: Gallery Art With A Heart, Manchester, UK

Event: Malarze 2

Dates: June 6, 2014 - July 6, 2014

Venue: Konduktorownia, Czestochowa, Poland

photo coverage:

Event: Group Exhibition

Dates: May 1, 2014 - June 1, 2014

Venue: Gallery Strefart, Tychy, Poland

Event: Litografia 2

Dates: Feb. 15, 2013 - March 15, 2013

Venue: Centrum Promocji Mlodych, Czestochowa, Poland tucie-plastyki-wydzialu-sztuki-ajd-w-czestochowie/



MK Anisko (Mariusz Krzysztof Aniśko) was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1980 and currently lives and works in the United Kingdom, and Poland. MK Anisko pursued studies in fine art painting and linguistics. He received his M.F.A. in 2014. His works explore the relationship between music and visual arts. MK Anisko works predominantly in pencil and paint, and his style ranges from figurative to abstract. He is also a performing musician, guitarist for over 25 years, notably for What About Chad and Krzyz Kross.

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