Marija Reikalas

Joined Artfinder: June 2020

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Updates from Marija Reikalas's studio

  • Making-of "Rendez-vous Nocturne"

    Painting process of my painting "Rendez-vous Nocturne"

    24 June 2020

    Island Life. The Panther

    An experimental video about painting process of "The Panther".

    24 June 2020

    Linocut Printmaking by Marija Reikalas

    A video presentation about printmaking in my home studio.

    24 June 2020

    Sunlight's Beautiful Daughter - live painting

    Summer haze. Mild breeze from the sea. Efortless, lazy movement of branches of the old trees. Stillness of the noon. Smell of the green ever-growing flora all around. The feeling of sun caressing the skin with the little cooling shadows of the leafs. Warm sensation of the sun-heated sand stone under the bare feet. Reflection on the water. Of sunlights beautiful daughter. ☼ Live painting video about the artistic process of my latest work "Sunlight's beautiful daughter", created in quarantine at my home. My paintings are the only way to travel now. It might sound strange, but memories seems to be based not on visuals anymore, but on sensations. Remembering the little things, "nothings", moments in between, unsaid words, not expressed feelings. Remembering with skin, fingertips, feet soles, palms, hair... My paintings now are visual expression of those sensations, which most of the time are hard even to name.

    24 June 2020

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