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  • SOLO Exhibition in Houten "Katten uit Houten"

    SOLO Exhibition in Houten "Katten uit Houten"

    For every art, animals and cat lovers! This is an invitation to admire more than 18 Pastel drawing of Cats from Houten made by me. My SOLO exhibition is in May in Houten (Holland). The official opening is the 5th May at 15h. The exhibition is taking place in the Gallery “Kunst om de Hoek” aan de Slinger 2. Opening times are: Fridays and Saturday from 13 to 17h during May. As you may know I love cats and animals in general. I let myself go in a sort of trance when I paint or draw and it is a therapy for me. I feel a connection with the animal I am working with and it is an amazing feeling, full of energy and love. You can see on my work clearly the character and personality of these cats.

    06 May 2018

    Expositie portretkunst door Houtenaren (Portrait exposition of Houteners)

    Expositie portretkunst door Houtenaren (Portrait exposition of Houteners)

    Via KODH group (a local group of artist I had joined), several exposition are organized during the year. The portrait on the picture is mine, it is about pride. Recently due to high stress and sleep problems I join a therapist who is helping me a lot to stand for myself. I know I should be proud of myself for many reasons, I don't understand why sometimes we forget how valuable we are. In the portrait using calligraphy pencil are written all the things I am most proud of myself.

    17 April 2017

    Interview for

    Video made by Kiki Steenbakkers, she called me a friday after she found me in the KODH website Kiki study journalism and I was more than happy to help her with her assignment. My websites and

    17 April 2017

    Create a Postcard for Syrian Children

    Create a Postcard for Syrian Children

    As a beatiful initiative from one of the Artfinder Investor Tatiana Ojjeh. I have sent 3 postcards with my 2 of my paintings on it and a positive word behind: Love, peace and freedom. 3 words that are like the air for me. They were sent to the Lebanon and hopefully they will arrive on time and be sent to 3 refugee kids. That brave woman is going to a refugee center close to the Sirian board. God Bless her!

    04 January 2017

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