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Kalpana Soanes

Joined Artfinder: May 2015

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United Kingdom

Updates from Kalpana Soanes's studio

  • Shades Of Your Peace  (101x101cm)

    Shades Of Your Peace (101x101cm)

    I really enjoyed making this abstract with its lovely colours and textures. Shades Of Your Peace.

    31 January 2022

    First Love  (80x80cm)

    First Love (80x80cm)

    Your first love will always stay in your heart.

    20 January 2022

    Never Mind The Crossroads  (101x101cm)

    Never Mind The Crossroads (101x101cm)

    A large abstract artwork in red. Never Mind The Crossroads.

    16 January 2022

    Look Up At Your North Star  (101x101cm)

    Look Up At Your North Star (101x101cm)

    A large painting in blue. Look Up At Your North Star.

    11 January 2022

    Highland Hope II  (80x60cm)

    Highland Hope II (80x60cm)

    I like the blue and pink colours on this landscape. Highland Hope II.

    05 January 2022

    Festive Metropolis  (120x80cm)

    Festive Metropolis (120x80cm)

    A vibrant cityscape. Festive Metropolis.

    01 January 2022

    Red Autumn Flowers  (50x50cm)

    Red Autumn Flowers (50x50cm)

    Red flowers in a purple vase, painted in autumn.

    28 December 2021

    Magical Metropolis  (110x80cm)

    Magical Metropolis (110x80cm)

    Enjoyed making this cityscape.

    25 December 2021

    Blue Autumn Flowers  (50x50cm)

    Blue Autumn Flowers (50x50cm)

    Beautiful flowers in a vase. A colourful floral artwork in blue, yellow and green.

    21 December 2021

    The Person That You Are XI  (60x40cm)

    The Person That You Are XI (60x40cm)

    Quite a vibrant painting with lovely texture. The Person That You Are XI.

    14 December 2021

    Green Metropolis  (100x70cm)

    Green Metropolis (100x70cm)

    A large cityscape.

    04 December 2021

    Generous Shore  (100x70cm)

    Generous Shore (100x70cm)

    A large landscape with a vibrant sunset over the sea. Generous Shore.

    31 August 2021

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