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Updates from Johnman's studio

  • Hand cutting intricate stencils.

    Hand cutting intricate stencils.

    Hand cutting an intricate stencil on oil manilla for a piece that was 100cm x 70cm. I lost count of how many hours work went into it.

    06 November 2018

    The Lingering Goodnight.

    Johnman cutting Guinness drink cans to use as a canvas for his artwork. The cans are cut, flattened, manhandled, spray painted and engraved before being floated on a silver and gold mount in a black frame.

    05 November 2018

    The Omar Shaker Piece

    The Omar Shaker Piece

    A piece I painted on 2.4m x 1.2m board at Upfest in Bristol, Europe's largest live painting Urban Arts festival.

    05 November 2018

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