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Janice Yang

Joined Artfinder: Jan. 2020

Artworks for sale: 9


United States

Updates from Janice Yang's studio

  • Me and my work

    Me and my work

    My painting Transformation just got sold. I wanted to take a picture next to it before I say goodbye. Have a good journey!

    05 June 2020

    YouTube Video - Painting Emily

    Recorded my process of painting Emily from start to finish.

    28 May 2020

    Janice's YouTube Video - Painting Nicole

    A short timelapse video showing how I paint a face from start to end. I asked the model to pose as if she is wearing a make up and wondering about her identity. Her name is Nicole and she was just about to graduate from the high school where I was teaching at. She is a makeup artist and a very talented young person that had a lot of layers of thoughts and ideas as we talked about the issues regarding identity.

    28 May 2020