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Irsa Ervin

Joined Artfinder: Sept. 2021

Artworks for sale: 11

United Kingdom

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  • Art in the making

    Art in the making

    Art for me is like breathing, it can be confusing when you are young and don't quite fit in the world and the only way to live and express yourself is by drawing. I have always been different, I have a different sense of humour, I notice things that other people don't even notice. When I look at something, I see colours, I like the way different colours sit against each other in nature. I sometimes find myself focusing or looking at things way too much. Being an artist is about being free and fearless. There are no limits to what you can accomplish as an artist. That is why I use so many different mediums in my work, if I get stuck and realise that I can't express myself, I try using another medium. I implement this into my daily life too...

    30 September 2021

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