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  • Revealing the print

    Revealing the print

    The best feeling is pulling back a print for the first time or even at any time as there is usually a surprise. Have you wiped enough away? Will the colour be right?

    30 August 2018

    hanging up my Linocuts to dry

    hanging up my Linocuts to dry

    It is very satisfying to see your work hanging in a row. LInocuts usually air dry but some prints have to dry under boards with blotting paper as the paper is damp when it is printed.

    30 March 2017

    A suprise everytime

    A suprise everytime

    I love pulling a print from the Etching press as it is gives you a thrill of seeing your inked up plate printed onto the surface of the paper and of course it will be the mirror image of how the plate looked.

    01 November 2016

    Inking and printing Heals Helix Linocut

    The plate is rolled with oil based printmaking ink and run through an etching press onto Somerset paper.

    07 July 2016

    cutting the lino for Heals Helix

    After taking a trial proof, I continue cutting the Japanese vinyl to finish the plate. Think mirror image.

    07 July 2016

    Inking up a plate

    Inking up a plate

    The plates are inked and wiped by hand with a rubber squeegee and scrim cloth.

    19 August 2015

    Working in my studio

    This time lapse video show me inking up, hand wiping and cleaning a plate ready to take a print. It can take up to an hour before finally running the plate through the press. Gateway Call K6 is the title of this print.

    06 May 2015

    Rolling the press

    Rolling the press

    My work is hand inked with oil based inks, dampened paper is placed over the plate and then run through an etching press. All the ink is transferred to the Printmaking paper and pulled off the press.

    05 May 2015

    working in my studio

    working in my studio

    Once the plates have been inked and wiped then dampened paper is laid onto the plate or block and run through a press. I have a Hunter Penrose from which I can print my collagraphs and photopolymer etchings.

    14 June 2014

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